Leave the streets to a traffic Superhero!

Skip the Dishes

Its hip to be square!

Our love and passion for pizza took us to the streets of Detroit where we discovered there is no equal to this Motor City classic! The crusted-baked Brick cheese, the crunchy, light focaccia-style dough and toppings spread to the edges of a square, blue-steel auto factory tray makes this every bit DSP. Enjoy!

Corners Rocks

With DSP the corners are the best part! Make sure to get your paws on one.

Upside Down

DSP flips everything we know about pizza upside down with the sauce on top!

Steel Pan

When it comes to DSP, Detroit blue steel auto factory trays make all the difference.

A Square Deal

DSP is as square as good math allows.Equally divisible and great for sharing.

Because DSP is square and so darn hearty, it’s perfect for sharing and you’re getting more pizza-per-box.
Our regular pizzas [8 x 10] feed 1 - 2 and our large pizzas [14 x 10] feed 3 - 4. Do you have a group with Superhero hunger?
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